August 17, 2017


  • Wild Isle: The amount of blood money rewarded for killing players is now almost double.
  • Wild Isle: Changed Mystery Boxes to Platinum Tokens.
  • Wild Isle: Changed the spawn period of wilderness bosses from every 20 to every 30 minutes.
  • Wild Isle: Lowered the amount of blood money dropped by wilderness bosses to 3-15k per kill.
  • Wild Isle: Crystal chest at home will now grant blood money when opened.
  • Wild Isle: Chaos Fanatic, Crazy Archaeologist, and Scorpia now drop full shields instead of shards.
  • Wild Isle: Introduced Arena Mage's to the Mage Arena who drop Infinity robes, Mage's book, Master wand, Seer's ring, and Blood money.
  • Wild Isle: Many wilderness mobs will now drop blood money on death.
  • Wild Isle: Added the crafting shop from Al Kharid to Edgeville.
  • Wild Isle: Lumberyard teleport has been moved from the supplies shop to the misc shop.
  • Wild Isle: Boss keys are now tradeable.
  • Speak to the mysterious old man at home to view the new cosmetics shop.
  • Pathfinding improvements should see your character take more efficient paths.
  • The Light Ballista has been added.
  • Modified the prices of many items in the blood money store. Most high end items are now slightly cheaper.
  • Supplies shop will now buy back items.
  • Replaced the Greater Demons at Annakarl teleport with Lesser Demons.
  • When clicking a lever, your character will now always run to it regardless of whether you can use it or not.
  • Changed mage arena drop rates to make items more common.
  • Added Occult Necklace as a rare drop from mage arena.
  • Removed Slayer requirement for all slayer bosses.


  • Fixed an issue where targets could not be frozen at a shorter distance than intended.
  • Fixed a pathing issue which led to players taking longer routes when attacking other players.
  • Magic accuracy has been tweaked to be slightly more accurate.
  • Changed potion delay from 2 to 3 ticks.
  • Consuming a Saradomin Brew will now incur a 3 tick delay.
  • Corrected PJ timers to 10 seconds.
  • Can no longer PJ a victim who's in combat if they are your bounty target.
  • Players with an emblem will now drop it upon being killed.


  • Wild Isle: Altar at home no longer requires a quest to be completed.
  • Wild Isle: Switching loadout with a prayer active will now deactivate it.
  • Wild Isle: Can no longer equip items with a higher skill requirement than the loadout sets when switching.
  • Wild Isle: PvP kills outside of the wilderness will no longer count towards your killstreak (e.g. Duel Arena)
  • Fixed an issue where klling mithril armour at the Warrior's Guild would result in a drop of 25 Mithril platelegs.
  • Fixed Heavy Ballista bonuses.
  • Lever's can no longer be pulled after it is in use.
  • Spider webs now show the proper animation when slashing.
  • Can now cast other spells whilst using the Trident of the Seas.
  • Attack player options will no longer be shown outside of the wilderness, even with a Bounty Hunter target.
  • New players will not be able to use the Grand Exchange within 15 minutes of joining, as goes with trading.
  • Fixed melee and range attacking in mage arena.
  • Removed crafting requirements for Zulrah items and Ceberus items.
  • Fixed an issue with players seemingly flying over the wilderness ditch.
  • Fixed slightly-off multi-combat zones in the wilderness.


August 7, 2017


  • Earn blood money by killing players, bossing, skilling, and various other activities such as clue scrolls.
  • Purchase high-end gear with your hard earned blood money at the PvP shop in Edgeville.
  • The Isle Kit client, powered by 07Kit is now available.
  • Use the new loadouts interface to select preset and personal gear loadouts.
  • Forgotten prayers have been added (Augury, Rigour, Preserve).
  • View wilderness statistics such as Kill/Death ratio at the leaderboard in Edgeville.
  • Wilderness bosses will spawn every 20 minutes and their location will be broadcasted.
  • Wilderness bosses will drop a special key which grants a random item when used on the chest at home.
  • Wilderness escapes have been implemented (e.g. lockpicking doors at the Pirate's hut, or Axe hut)
  • All Wilderness monsters have been added to aid in escaping from teams.
  • All shops that don't use coins are free except the Supply Shop.
  • Earn extra blood money for achieving substantial player kill streaks.
  • Icons will be displayed above players heads depending on their current killstreak.


  • Activating special attack whilst equipping another weapon quickly should now function as intended (AKA 1 ticking).
  • Equipment switching now functions as intended (AKA 1 ticking).
  • Magic damage formulas have been overhauled.
  • Magic accuracy formulas have been overhauled.
  • Optional 1x combat experience rate to accurately judge xp drops.
  • The Granite Maul should now function as intended.
  • Prayer flicking should now function as intended.
  • Combat dancing bugs have been fixed.
  • Standing under a frozen target and attacking them now functions as intended.
  • Corrected Dragon Claws and DDS animations and graphics.
  • Fixed almost every possible occurrence of 'dead clicks' which would clear your action queue.


  • The Dragonfire Shield should now function as intended.
  • The barrows brothers death animation has been corrected.
  • Abyssal Sire poison pool has been fixed.
  • Void mage helm bonuses now function as intended.
  • Shadow barrage now always disorients Abyssal Sire even if it splashes.
  • Spam clicking the wilderness ditch no longer causes weird visual artifacts.
  • Sanfew Serum now cures venom as well as poison.
  • Ancestral robes magic damage boot now works as intended.
  • Corrected all multi-combat areas.
  • Can no longer be teleblocked whilst teleporting.


  • The 60 Runecrafting requirement has been removed for primordial, pegasian, and eternal boots.
  • Access to Nieve's slayer cave is now free.
  • Vote rewards have been changes.
  • When kicked from a clan chat, you will be unable to re-join for another 60 minutes.
  • New players logging into Wild Isle will be defaulted to max combat stats.
  • All slayer masters will now be in Edgeville.
  • The crystal key chest will now be in Edgeville.


July 17, 2017


  • More detailed information on slayer partners here.


  • Fixed instanced Corporeal Beast (recent clan chat/pm update broke it).
  • Fixed Spectral Spirit Shield effect at Cerberus.
  • Fixed Minnow fishing bug where spam clicking would result in more Minnows.


July 9, 2017


  • Fishing guild expansion has been added. Minnows can be obtained with a fishing level of 82 and can be exchanged for Raw Sharks at 40/1.
  • Overhauled drop system now includes shared loot tables. More info here
  • New killstreak system will now reward you for 5,10,15,20,25,50 & 100 player killing streaks.
  • Use gear presets to prepare faster. Available in Quest tab, use ::savepreset 1-3 & ::resetpreset 1-3.


  • Home altar will now restore spec, hp, and venom for all players with a 5minute cooldown.
  • Blood money shop will now buy items back for 1/4th of the price.
  • A conversion NPC has been added to convert coins to blood money and vice versa. Current rate is 1000 coins for 1 blood money.
  • Slightly changed the store contents for: Bandit shop keeper, Lowe & Aubury.
  • Dragon scimitar upgrade kit added for Wild Isle.
  • Removed loot announcements for players bossing in an instance.
  • Added graphics for Imbued Heart.
  • Improved drop rates for Corporeal Beast.
  • Implemented double death & law runes.


  • Fixed diagonal attacking whilst frozen.
  • Fixed Dragon Claws special attack.
  • Fixed Twisted Bow damage and accuracy formula.
  • Adjusted Elder Maul stats.
  • Home altar will now restore spec and hitpoints aswell as curing venom and poison on a 5 minute cooldown.
  • Fixed issues with the blood money store on Wild Isle.
  • Fixed Firemaking pathibng bug where you walk to the wrong tile.
  • Fixed Kodai wand autocasting/infinite water rune abilities.
  • Fixed Phoenix pet.
  • Fixed donation store item claiming.
  • Fixed highscores issues.
  • Fixed Eternal Slayer Ring options.
  • Fixed PvM Magic damage formulas with item modifiers.


June 20, 2017


  • Performance patches have been deployed to ensure a smoother experience on our beta world.


  • Loot system has been tweaked to prioritise drops by rarity. Drops should now be more evenly distributed.
  • Item switching mechanics have been improved.
  • Combat following and attacking should now be more fluid. Fixes dancing issue.


May 17, 2017


  • Crawling hand
  • Cave crawler
  • Banshee/Twisted Banshee
  • Bloodveld/Mutated Bloodveld
  • Pyrefiend
  • Abyssal demon
  • Dark beast
  • Gargoyle
  • Dust devil
  • Kurask
  • Cave horror
  • Aberrant Spectre/Deviant Spectre
  • Basilisk
  • Cockatrice
  • Nechryael
  • Smoke devil


  • Imbued heart: Boosts your magic by 1 + 10% of magic level once every 7 minutes
  • Dust battlestaff: When equipped provides an infinite amount of air and earth runes
  • Mist battlestaff: When equipped provides an infinite amount of air and water runes
  • Eternal Gem: When used on a chisel created an Eternal Slayer ring which has unlimited charged.


May 6, 2017


  • Purple slayer helmet can be made after receiving a Dark Claw from Skotizo.
  • Skotos, the boss pet from Skotizo is now available.


  • Braziers now have a 5 second delay before potentially breaking after being fixed
  • Flames will now do 10 damage each to Snowstorm instead of 5
  • Experience gained at Wintertodt for adding logs/branches to a brazier will now be determined by your Firemaking level.


  • Fixed jewelry crafting x option


May 2, 2017


  • Accessible via the wizard inside the home bank.
  • Mechanically identical to OSRS. Any guide should suffice.


  • Fixed hardcore ironmen being turned into ultimate ironmen.
  • Added Dragon Halberd to the bounty reward store.
  • All players will be automatically set to the global clan chat on login.
  • Cannon has been temporarily disabled at Corporeal Beast until a fix is live.


March 21, 2017


  • Varrock Agility course is now available.
  • Al Kharid Agility course is now available.
  • Relleka Agility course is now available.


  • Soul and Blood rune crafting has now been added. Teleport to Arceuus via the wizard to get there.
  • You can now fish at the Zulrah area. Using a knife on the Eel will yield Zulrah Scales.


  • Adjusted Regen bracelet bonuses.
  • Fixed Ring of Suffering (r) using charges whilst disabled.
  • Fixed Woodcutting Pet bug where you could get one currently behind you.


March 11, 2017


  • Added a toggle to the Ring of Suffering so players can now enable/disable the recoil feature at will.
  • Added Chinchompas teleport to the max cape.


  • Whole list of loot table changes can be seen here.
  • Added Ring of Nature to the Elite clue table.


  • Fixed Kandarin diary perk for MoG no longer requires you to be wearing the reward to get the perk.
  • Onyx bracelet crafting has been fixed.
  • Fixed Monk's robes (g) prayer bonus and Clueless Scroll Walk/Stand/Run animations.
  • Fixed a price checker bug where you could open the price checker mid teleport and insert items
  • Fixed Tormented Bracelet Magic damage bonus effect.
  • Fixed max cape teleport animation to be consistent.


February 25, 2017


  • Hardcore Ironman armour is now available. Speak to Paul.
  • Implemented Broader Fletching so players can now purchase Unfinished broad bolts from Vannaka and craft Broad bolts.
  • Added extend Ankour & Mithril dragon slayer tasks.
  • New poll to decide on future updates.


  • Fixed Cerberus and Kraken multiple spawn issue
  • Fixed some item noting issues
  • Moved Telekenetic Guardian away from Wizard Distentor
  • Fixed looting bad bugs to potentially xfer untradeable items
  • Fixed Grand Exchange bug where Ironmen could use the 'Collect' feature
  • Fixed player pathfinding when walking to an NPC (Noclipping through walls)
  • Lowered Hunter pet rates
  • Fixed player name issue with CLue geodes and nests
  • Fixed god d'hide boots range bonus.